Gardening, decoration and products for animals.


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About the project

Verdecora was founded out of a love for nature and with the aim of helping its clients to enjoy the world of plants as well as caring for gardens, interior and exterior decoration, as well as caring for all kinds of animals. The Verdecora store buildings are designed in an ecological way as well as with the best technological advances to guarantee the enjoyment and satisfaction of customers. In these, the passion and knowledge of nature of the workers who make their experience in the world of nature, decoration, and pets available to customers.

At Webimpacto we work side by side with the Verdecora team, both in the technological part to renew and improve the technical section of the website, and to carry out an SEO positioning strategy. At all times we have worked with the needs and specifications of Verdecora to improve the appearance and functionality of the website by the development team. And marking a new content strategy and technical aspects related to SEO positioning by the Marketing team. A new push hand in hand between Verdecora and Webimpacto to continue at the top of the gardening, interior, and garden decoration sector as well as the world of pets.