About us

Webimpacto is a strategic consulting firm for technology and digital marketing services that works to make your business profitable

Who we are?

To offer the best we work with the best. More than 100 specialized professionals, at your service.

It all started in September 2009. Since then we have worked hard, motivated by the desire to become the best strategic consultant for technology and digital marketing services on the market.

Today, the Webimpacto family is growing and we are already a team of more than 100 professionals, including Vtex, Prestashop, Magento, React and Shopify experts, web designers, programmers, layout designers, SEO consultants, and experts in digital marketing and Apps.

We have offices in Toledo, Barcelona, Hungary and Serbia. In addition, and thanks to the efforts of our team, we have become the most innovative company with the greatest capacity for development in the market, managing to attract not only national clients, but also international ones, from countries such as the United States, France, and Germany.

A clear example of our work, effort, and success are all our award-winning online stores. Visit our portfolio and discover our success stories!

Our values are present in everything we do


We enjoy what we do, improving and exceeding shared goals as a team.


We pay attention to every detail, to ensure the success of our clients’ objectives.


We are committed to our clients’ projects, taking responsibility for the correct implementation of the solutions we offer.


We focus our efforts on growing our clients’ businesses, implementing the best solutions to meet their needs, always being by their side.

Our goals

For all members of Webimpacto, customer satisfaction and the success of your business is the common goal. We work for and to achieve them, with every action we carry out from any of our departments.
Our level of commitment is so high that we live and enjoy each small step towards the success of our clients as our own. We are a single team that ensures that your brand grows and multiplies its sales every day.
Ultimately, our job is to improve your results. But how do we do it?

Our way of thinking and acting, beyond business know-how

Our methodology


  • Customer needs

  • What do you ask of us, what do you want from us?s

  • Analysis of information and situation


  • We can/know how to do it

  • What is the most efficient way to do it

  • It falls within the good practices of the company, a colleague could understand and follow the work if necessary…


  • Analysis of impediments to action

  • Ok by customer

  • It may affect the client’s business to act now


  • Check that everything works correctly

  • Make sure we have done what the client wanted

  • Improvements and changes if necessary

Ethics and compliance

We wish to communicate to the members of our interest groups our solid commitment to ethics, good corporate governance, compliance and due diligence, as well as our strategic approach to placing WIM Group Company and its companies at the highest standards in this area. of business ethics, as well as maintaining a high level of integrity and professionalism in the performance of our business activity.

WIM Group Company has its own Code of Conduct and Good Practices, which is an essential part of our corporate compliance culture and a true reflection of our constant commitment to self-regulation, ethics, integrity and transparency. Likewise, the Group’s Management, committed to society and with the highest demands in compliance with the regulations that affect us, has implemented its own Organization and Management Model for the Prevention of Criminal Risks, thus adapting to the criminal liability regime of the legal entities established in the Spanish Penal Code, as well as its own Plan for the Prevention of Fraud, Corruption and Conflicts of Interest.

In addition, we make our Ethics Channel available to all members of our interest groups through which they can communicate, in a strictly confidential and even anonymous manner, possible irregularities, doubts, queries, etc.: https://canaletico.es/es/wimgroup. This channel is managed by an external company of Forensic & Compliance experts who are responsible for guaranteeing the highest standards of confidentiality, impartiality and minimization of conflicts of interest, before transferring any file to the Compliance Committee. In it you can access our main regulations and policies, highlighting the Policy on Principles of Action and Management Protocol of the Ethical Channel.

Likewise, all members of our interest groups have at their disposal the WIM Group Compliance Committee, made up of:

  • Human Resources Department
  • Operations Management
  • Controller

In short, WIM Group Company constantly works to be at the forefront of regulatory compliance and ethics, considering intolerable and formally expressing our condemnation of any illegality or behavior that can be labeled as not being socially responsible or unethical.


Daily visits to our websites


Orders served by our customers


Years of experience


Of satisfied clients or successful projects

An elite team

David Rodríguez

David Rodríguez

Founder & CEO

Laura Vila

Laura Vila


Pablo Martín

Pablo Martín

Co-founder & CIO

Daniel Martín

Daniel Martín

Co-founder & IT Consultant

Mireia León

Mireia León

Omnichannel Director

Elena Vallés

Elena Vallés


Beatriz López

Beatriz López

Deputy Director of Marketing

Arnau Torné

Arnau Torné

Business Strategy Director

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