Party Fiesta

Online store for party products, decorations for events, costumes and more.


  • Increase customer flow
  • Optimize web browsing
  • Improve purchase process
  • Capture new leads
  • UX/UI improvements
  • Consulting

Our services

  • App mobile
  • Ecommerce
  • Layout
  • Programming
  • Web design

About the project

Party Fiesta is a store specializing in products and services for all kinds of parties and events. It operates with retail stores in various national and international territories, such as Spain, Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Morocco, Slovakia, the Dominican Republic and the Czech Republic. They have become one of the most important retail chains in the sale of party items and costumes. Their wide variety of products allows them to cover a wide range of seasonal and non-seasonal events such as Halloween, Carnival, Easter, communions and baptisms, weddings, farewell and graduation parties, and much more.

At Webimpacto, we have carried out various tasks in order to continue improving its online channel and boost sales at a national and international level. We have adapted their website for greater compatibility with the new app environments. We have been working together with their development teams, offering consulting services to improve the website, redesigning it and carrying out tasks to improve its organic positioning in search engines. We have also provided customer service support to enhance the buyers’ experience and continue to improve the customer satisfaction ratio.