The WIM Group

The WIM Group Company was founded in 2022 to group together all the companies in the business ecosystem starting with Webimpacto in 2009.

We like to innovate and bet on new ideas and great projects to change the business world

The WIM Group Company is a group of digital companies started in 2009 with the founding of Webimpacto, the group's 360 Consultant.

For more than a decade we have focused on being the most innovative in the world of e-commerce, digital marketing, and the technology sector in Spain to offer our clients the latest market trends, hand in hand with our partners.

Many of them are now co-founders of the rest of the group's divisions and companies in terms of Apps, Email & Marketing Automation, D2C & Full Commerce, specific online training for professionals, and NFTs, among others.

Creation and management of ecommerce

We have a 360 strategic consultant

Mobile App Development

Leading platform for the creation of Apps

Photo and video for e-commerce

Visual content creative studio

And comprehensive management of the brand's online channel, Full Commerce

Our divisions

360 consultant for your ecommerce

At Webimpacto we work to make your business grow. We are the strategic consulting firm for technology and digital marketing services that will take your e-commerce to the highest level. We have more than 100 specialized professionals who will ensure that your brand grows every day. We create digital impact.

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Convert 2 to 4 times more

App4less is the technology created after the merger of the companies and Webimpacto, a powerful loyalty marketing tool for App customers. It combines native development (self-manageable from a platform) with a web view, facilitating application maintenance and offering total autonomy to the end customer.

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We create visual content for brands

eCommerce Photography is a studio specialized in product photo and video for eCommerce with a clear objective: to revolutionize the way in which online stores show their products in a creative way. We seek visual excellence!

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NFT Universe and Digital Collecting

Leofy is a cutting-edge, innovative, and 100% Spanish Web3 technology platform that makes the universe of NFTs available to anyone and represents a cultural paradigm shift. We offer unique digital creations from exceptional and well-known artists to established and new collectors. The buying process is easy for everyone.

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Full Commerce agency of integral management

D2C Ecommerce is the Spanish Full Commerce agency that offers a comprehensive management service for your brand's online channel, giving you the possibility of 100% outsourcing your e-commerce business. We design, implement, and manage a direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategy that increases sales and strengthens the connection with customers.

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High Performance Email & Marketing Automation

Icomm is a platform that boosts business due to its ability to send 3 million emails per hour/client, dynamic automation flows, multiple channels (Email marketing, Surveys, Web Push Notifications, WIFI Marketing, SMS), analysis and debugging processes of audiences, native integrations (Facebook, VTEX, Tecnom, Tokko Broker, etc.) and real-time results metrics.

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Experts training professionals and companies, online in-company training

EDEU is an online Business School that offers specialized training in: Compliance, Forensic and Fraud Management, Data Protection, Business, Digital Transformation, Online Marketing and Usability. Our value is the practical specialization of students at the hands of professors with great experience and prestige in the business world.

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The new era of digital collecting

Democratization of crypto art

Email & Marketing Automation

Improve communication with your customers

Online in-company training

Practical training so that professionals and companies know how to face each work challenge