Get your own APP and massively increase your conversions!

More than 100 clients managed in which the conversion from the App is 2 to 4 times better than that the ecommerce


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The advantages

Increase your conversion

With the App for your e-commerce, you will be able to increase the mobile conversion between 200% and 500%.

Send Push Notifications

Always keep your customers informed of your promotions and offers with push notifications.

Analytics App

In Google Analytics you can check the traffic and sales that your App is generating.

Geographical segmentation

You can perform geographic targeting to personalize your push notifications.

Customizable Menus

Customize your menu however you want! Choose the buttons that best suit your business.

Forms to Filter Clients

Create different forms to filter your customers and carry out personalized communication.

The ideal tool for the Marketing team

The App4less platform gives the Marketing team complete freedom to customize the APP and manage the channel easily and without technical dependency. Create your own content for the App (new pages, forms, surveys, or promotional pop-ups) and publish it without the need for code, thus reducing technical maintenance.

Synchronize the content

The content of the APP will always be synchronized with that of your e-commerce: prices, new products, catalog maintenance, offers, banners...

Customize your menu

Generate the menu that best suits your needs and those of your e-commerce with texts, icons, or banners, whatever you imagine!

Push Notifications

Segment your customer communications through push notifications to reach more consumers (60-70% open rate)

Communication in the markets

Highlight the features and functionalities of your App in the Stores with more strategic and attractive images and texts.

The solution to massively increase your conversion.

App4less is the technology created after the merger of the companies Webimpacto and Reskyt.

It combines native development (self-manageable from a platform) with a web view, facilitating application maintenance and offering total autonomy to the end customer.